Summer Haul and Demo

Hi Everyone! I am actually posting this at work so pel;ase excuse the quickness of this post. Hopefully we will have a much meatier one coming up. Love,


OOTD: Afternoon Tea

Hello lovely readers!
Today's outfit was heavily inspired by a look I saw on the Style Observer, which is a fantastic style website written by the lovely Jean. She is so keen eyed, and accurately observes styles and trends that are actually wearable. Want to channel Victoria Beckham's classic yet sharp style, or Jennifer Lopez's yummy mummy look, then head on over to the Style Observer to get the best hints and tips on the web. 

It is my aunt and uncles twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, and to celebrate we are going to a family and friends afternoon tea! I thought this was such a fantastic way to celebrate such a momentous occasion' surrounded by the people that love you, in your own home comforts. 

Despite the occasion being family orientated, I still feel you can dress in a stylish and sharp way. Whatever the occasion, dress for you. Here is the first image that inspired me...

And the second.. is of course the forever stunning Kate Middleton  Duchess of Cambridge, in the absolutely beautiful blue Reiss (I think) dress, worn the day after her wedding. Oh, speaking of the Royal Wedding, the Duchess' wedding dress is now on display. Click here to find more.
And here is my mix of the two looks. If you would like a tutorial on any element of the look, just leave me a comment below and I will try to do it for you. 
 Face Make Up is my basic look. I do have a tutorial on my blog and my youtube channel. 
 Suede Navy Shoes from Primark
 Navy military style dress from Primark. Ruffled cardigan from Banana Republic. 
Hair tutorial coming soon!
Thanks for reading everybody! I hope you like the look. I chose heels from the Victoria Beckham look rather than wedges from the Duchess of Cambridge look, as I just cannot stand wedges. They really do my odd looking calves no favors, so I generally avoid them. My summer shoes are flip-flops not wedges! Love, peace and happiness....


Haul Time!

Hello lovely readers/viewers/friend. I hope your all doing well, and your world's are much brighter and sunnier than mine right now. To all my UK girls- this rain sucks. To those in sunnier climates, never moan your too hot because the English Summer so far features rain rain rain rain and cold. I cannot stand the cold at the best of times, but in the summer it's just a slap in the face really.

So darrrrrrrlings, I have that great big haul I mentioned in my last post. Annoyingly  , possibly the most annoying thing in the world, Youtube has decided, sorry, MY IPAD HAS DECIDED that it will not load video's over 10 minutes in length. What the actual hell. Does this iPad not realise that my video's are always above ten minutes. So yeah, sorry about that lovely viewers. I hope you enjoy the video's and hopefully the products appeal to you as much as they did to me. Love, peace and happiness..

Featuring: Clinique, Garnier, Bed Head by TIGI, Nice 'n' Easy, MAC, YSL, Chanel, and GHD.

Video One: 

Video Two: 

Video Three: 


Where On Earth Has Ellie Been?

Please excuse this post's rambliness. I am getting back into Blogging!

AH! So intially I wanted to re-appear on the blogosphere/youtubeland with a lovely chatty video explaining where the hell I've been; but... It's just WAY TOO BORING. I have been working my little tushy off, and despite all the running around I have been doing, money earning, fat burning and blah blah, I've only just been able to start shopping again and I have lost no weight. So pretty unsuccesful so far..

Enter the haul time! If you've been here since the start you know I'm a real hauler. The next miracle product, latest release from Chanel (cosmetics), is there more to the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions line, how do I get smoother hair? I just can't resist these products that call to me with all their amazingness and product promises. 

So to compliment this love for products, and a very bad dismissal of summer fashion (it has rained 90% of the time I've been back at my mum's for "summer"), I have reached a cross-roads in my career plans. Although I am studying Fashion Journalism at uni, I have found my forte for writing, reviewing and generally falling head over heels is for beauty products. So the new life direction appears to be following the Beauty Journalism path. Obviously I am not going to change courses or anything severe like that, because I want to get my degree then move on from there, but it does seem pretty set. I still adore fashion, it's still something I would love to write about every day, but I feel my passion lies with the beauty industry.

Other updates; 
  1. I have not written for Ana-rchy Magazine for a few months now so I cannot guarantee any freebies/trips to spa's any time soon. Sorry guys.
  2. I love coffee. Well, Caramel Macchiatos. I think I'm a bit ill...
  3. I have got the top of my right ear pierced! It hurt, still does and sleeping is generally uncomfortable at the present time.
  4. I need a new tattoo.. ideas my lovlies
  5. I am in love with Eninem's Relapse album. And "Where Them Girls At".
Hit me with questions, requests and video/blog ideas. Look forward to your comments. Love, peace and happiness...

Outfit Of The Day: Butterfly Shirt


Vintage Filming Style: Upcoming Videos and Outfits of the Day

Another video guys. Apologies for the incredibly busy life right now, work work work! I hope to have a good meaty post soon.