Haul Time!

Hello lovely readers/viewers/friend. I hope your all doing well, and your world's are much brighter and sunnier than mine right now. To all my UK girls- this rain sucks. To those in sunnier climates, never moan your too hot because the English Summer so far features rain rain rain rain and cold. I cannot stand the cold at the best of times, but in the summer it's just a slap in the face really.

So darrrrrrrlings, I have that great big haul I mentioned in my last post. Annoyingly  , possibly the most annoying thing in the world, Youtube has decided, sorry, MY IPAD HAS DECIDED that it will not load video's over 10 minutes in length. What the actual hell. Does this iPad not realise that my video's are always above ten minutes. So yeah, sorry about that lovely viewers. I hope you enjoy the video's and hopefully the products appeal to you as much as they did to me. Love, peace and happiness..

Featuring: Clinique, Garnier, Bed Head by TIGI, Nice 'n' Easy, MAC, YSL, Chanel, and GHD.

Video One: 

Video Two: 

Video Three: 


your blog headers is awesome, love it! and i'm a huuge fan of hauls :)

i'd love if you drop by my blog.



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