Where On Earth Has Ellie Been?

Please excuse this post's rambliness. I am getting back into Blogging!

AH! So intially I wanted to re-appear on the blogosphere/youtubeland with a lovely chatty video explaining where the hell I've been; but... It's just WAY TOO BORING. I have been working my little tushy off, and despite all the running around I have been doing, money earning, fat burning and blah blah, I've only just been able to start shopping again and I have lost no weight. So pretty unsuccesful so far..

Enter the haul time! If you've been here since the start you know I'm a real hauler. The next miracle product, latest release from Chanel (cosmetics), is there more to the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions line, how do I get smoother hair? I just can't resist these products that call to me with all their amazingness and product promises. 

So to compliment this love for products, and a very bad dismissal of summer fashion (it has rained 90% of the time I've been back at my mum's for "summer"), I have reached a cross-roads in my career plans. Although I am studying Fashion Journalism at uni, I have found my forte for writing, reviewing and generally falling head over heels is for beauty products. So the new life direction appears to be following the Beauty Journalism path. Obviously I am not going to change courses or anything severe like that, because I want to get my degree then move on from there, but it does seem pretty set. I still adore fashion, it's still something I would love to write about every day, but I feel my passion lies with the beauty industry.

Other updates; 
  1. I have not written for Ana-rchy Magazine for a few months now so I cannot guarantee any freebies/trips to spa's any time soon. Sorry guys.
  2. I love coffee. Well, Caramel Macchiatos. I think I'm a bit ill...
  3. I have got the top of my right ear pierced! It hurt, still does and sleeping is generally uncomfortable at the present time.
  4. I need a new tattoo.. ideas my lovlies
  5. I am in love with Eninem's Relapse album. And "Where Them Girls At".
Hit me with questions, requests and video/blog ideas. Look forward to your comments. Love, peace and happiness...


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