Herve Leger for Max Azaria

I for one can appreciate good design. Whether it's through technique, colour, or presentation, a fantastic design always knocks the crowds socks off. However, as a great man once said "food is only food if it's eadible" surely, as Harper's Bazaar US editor in Cheif Glenda Bailey believes, fashion can only be called fashion if it's wearable?

Case in point; Herve Leger for Max Azaria. Herve Leger's iconic bandage dress has undergone many transformations and regenerations. In this latest collection however, it would appear someone has been a bit too happy with the scissors. The sheer amount of cut outs makes alot of this collection completely un wearable for many consumers. Even a happy size 8 (UK) girl would feel highyly uncomfortable in these dresses, concerned for any inches of skin/fat/muscle/tissue peeping over the slits,cuts and holes. Such a shame for a fantastic brand, designer and collaboration.

Images coming soon due to technical issues. In the mean in, hop on over to Style.com for all the latest and greatest from fashion week.



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