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Yummy new purple coat, and cushty scarf; winter is definitely here.

Today's news looks further into the seemingly insane diets that the women of this world follow, as the Kate Moss article appears to have stirred thoughts amongst the teenagers around me. Liz Hurley was photographed this week at the Hermes dinner with no wine, no coffee and none of her beautifully presented food even touched. Fiona McIntosh at Grazia described this as "doing penance at the church of thin". Hurley is reportedly eating only one meal a day, and is slavishly counting every calorie of every second. Although her diet may be bikini friendly it certainly isn't big on fun. (Of course this may not be true) Personally, one meal a day seems a bit excessive, all considering that it was recently claimed that breakfast was the key to being healthy.
So Miss Hurley, why on earth are you dragging yourself through a gruesome diet when you could happily eat breakfast, three meals a day and just exercise the extra calories off. BE HAPPY!


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