To be fair to him, at the time I thought I was in the right as well. But looking back it would appear that I was wrong. The difficulty of being stuck between a rock and a hard place can never be fully understood untill you are put in such a position.

Now that it's all over, I can discuss the circumstances of the event. My mother had been in hospital all week, after surgery removing her cancer. I was there everyday, alone or with others, but always there. Mum came home Thursday, and I stayed at Alex's. Then I went out Friday, and stayed at Alex's. It is because of these decisions that I landed in a hellish argument with my aunt, and the awful consequences I was yet to face. And to top it all off, Alex called my aunt and made things a thousand times worse.
The rock was the fact my mum is very ill, and these 24/7 care and attention; the hard place was the fact she told me I should still have a normal life, to go out and enjoy myself. And now it seems Alex wants a break. Is it right to feel so alone, when it is myself and myself only who has caused this? Have a earnt the right for self pity.


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