Farewell Luella

As the credit crunch takes hold, another fashion victim looses it. Luella Bartley has sadly gone out of business this week, due to finanacial problems. Although Luella's brilliance in design and encouragement for elegant casual wear did not take off until at least 2001, her heart and soul have been chained to her work for much much longer. It is because of this that it is more than heart breaking to see such a talented, beautiful and elegant fashion house fall to the hands of the recession.

Despite the fact the credit crunch is most certainly old news, the fashion industry has completely turned a heel because of it; not just in the loss of fashion businesses. As newly named by the Bible (Vogue), the "More dash than cash" trend appears to be in full throw, being taken up by the fashionistas and the peasants alike. But many anti-fashion persons believe this is just another fling between fashion and the world, and that many are treating it in a farce manner. Why would one be so critical of something that brings people together, and refreshes the values of our ever loving parents and grand-parents. And surely, creating a totally personal decoration to your finest clothes would make them even more exclusive and individual! So come on haters, CHILL!


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