I'm Dreaming of a Size 8 Figure

PAH! The likelihood of a size 8 figure is as probable as my virginity returning to me! As I sit here eating my mini Milkyway bar, I consider this; do I actually want to eat this... YES! YES I BLOODY DO! And the tiny voice in my head jests "Ah! Well let's just return to the 12 stone lard arse you were then"

Nope, that is not what I want. My 'busy' academic life-style should make way for less opportunity to stuff my face, but no. Let's meet for lunch/breakfast... oh! we should go out for dinner Friday! Oh yes lets lets lets. So thats 100 calories for breakfast probably tripled, thats 250 calories for lunch double, and dinner, only God knows how many times over I have dashed my 600 calories limit.
The hang up's of life that drag your happy day kicking and screaming into the gutter. That occasional glance in the mirror, pulling at the fat underneath your stupidly large breasts. Putting the shower on 5 minutes early so that the mirror steams up and you can dream of a slim straight body in the reflection... These private things that depress and distress me, and yet I know full well what I need to do to remove such shitty thing, but I just don't do it. Why!


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