Hurrah! Tomorrow its back to school and back to the judging critics of my peers. Why do women dress for other women? I mean, its bad enough for a woman to feel she has to dress for a man, but for another woman!! Why do women not dress for themselves?

A possible answer could be the media. Although publications such as Elle and Vogue appear to encourage women to dress for themselves, and to be inspired to express their personality through their style, they also subliminally encourage women to dress to impress other women. Wear a Chanel 5.11 bag, and compare it to a Primark copy- who do you think would have the moral high ground? And to further slate the media, publications such as Heat use features such as the 'circle of shame' to slate celebrity wrong doings. But, this also has a detrimental affect on the women of the public. If a celebrtion is papped with stretch marks, the once confident woman will now feel body concious and more aware of how she appears.
This subject needs more study. More tomorrow.


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