Make up by Dior @ Westfield London
For the last 6 weeks, I have been so busy that I just haven't had the time to blog or even film videos. I have barely touched my twitter, or kept up with Style.com. The great big reason? For once, I am actually extremely busy at university. I have always been honest about the work ethic at the London College of Fashion and this time is no exception. I have been drafting, planning and carryout of a photoshoot, liaising with PR's and other fashion darlings to get the best products for our fashion and still life shoots, researching and interviewing numerous people from The People's Supermarket and the Architectural Association. On top of this I have been working on exciting trend reports about life in 2017, and writing beauty articles on the future of skin care. So as you can see, actually busy!

But today's wake up call came when I asked my flatmate Chris what he was doing this weekend and he replied, "Urm, fashion week!". I had actually completely missed the fact we were in the midst of A/W12 shows. I am ashamed.  Today's post however, will be preparing for several that are upcoming...

  • Skin care update! I have normal/combination skin after finishing my acne program so I have a completely new routine.
  • Foundation update: After testing over 10 new foundations, I have found my brand new HG foundation, and if you have followed me for a while it may surprise you
  • Spring fashion: I missed snow outfit posts, and I'm frankly bloody sick of winter. So I have begun stocking my spring wardrobe. It began with this skirt, in nude.
  • Spring beauty: After my purple liner challenge, I have a new love for pastels. Oh and corner lashes.
  • LONDON FASHION WEEK: Obvious. Needs no explaining.
Sorry for my absence again my loves. I promise not to leave you alone for quite so long again... well until third year when I will probably die from overworking... 


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