So I had my very first skin ultrasound today. I went to Elizabeth Arden at John Lewis in Reading, which is just north of London. My aunt and I were having a girly day of movies, lunch and beauty shopping and after having her own appointment, the darling shop assistant offered me a free consultation. Here are the results:

With the higher score and the letter A being good, the results are really mixed. I got two A's, for pigmentation and brightness which are the most obvious signs of visible ageing. However, I got a B for elasticity and two C's for moisture and skin texture. Not good at all.
My skin is in desperate need for replenishment of moisture. The sales assistant explained to me that due to having oily skin and using acne products, layers under my visible skin are blocked with dead skin cells. They are locked together, and therefore my moisturiser and moisturising masks can't get through to help my skin reawakening after my acne program. 
I was reccomended three products: first, the 3 in 1 Intervene face wash, which is a cleanser, toner and primer in one, the intervene day cream (which is SPF 30 and oil free), and the Intervene Peel and Reveal mask to be used once or twice a month. This contains a low level of salicylic acid which breaks down the lower level dead skin cells, meaning the moisturising products can get in to the skin.
My aunt was kind enough to buy me the face wash, and I will be receiving samples of the mask and day cream by next weekend. I will also be having a treatment (worth £65) and a follow up consultation for my birthday next month, and another check up in June before I go to Marbella with my boyfriend for the summer. Reviews coming soon! 


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