Spring is here.

It was meant to be sunny, it was cold and rained abit :(

Cardigan by Dorothy Perkins
Necklace by Tiffany's
Dress by Topshop
Tights by Falke
Shoes by Dorothy Perkins

Notice the new camera! Aaha! I have had to borrow one from College as mine was stolen. 

Yes! The florals have been dragged from the cupboard, as Spring is here!! Yayy! However, the weather this week has been gorgeous untill today, as so my spring idea kinda.. failed :(. But I wasn't the only one cracking out the wish for sunny weather, so all is well.

Speaking of florals..Erdem continue to glorify the blackness of the fashion industry (think the darker side of Miu Miu FALL 2010, and Prada for that matter) with flashes of florals. Their prints on this look remind me of my own Spring attempt today, I am totally in fashion. And the shoooes! Totally like mine.. the rock-chick edginess of adding florals and heeled army boots = FEMALE POWER!! Oh no.. I'm thinking of English Coursework..must avoid feminism. 

Despite my love for all things Erdem right now, I don't really like the inclusion of soft leather in the form of coats and skirts (quilted. It doesn't really suit the brand, which I feel represents natural beauty in florals, maxi dresses and exotic prints.  It adds a really quite scary element to the beauty mix, and increases the power of the black eye-make up. Go back to being beautiful Erdem!!

See... it's just wrong! Oh and Prada have jumped on the scary leather band-wagon. Their PVC style dress totally contradicts the soft ruffles and chunky knitwear. Suppressed sexual passion; i think so. I'm thinking timid librarian with a prostitute inside...EEEEK! (far right)

Orange appears to be a massive trend this season, Erdem included. Sadly I can't say I am a fan of the colour, but my sort of orangey ginger hair can be my link into this interesting trend. Erdem rock the orange sequin looking pretty mini dress, and Miu Miu give their models orange eye-eyebrows. Very odd, but strangley appealing.

I do sound rather pessimistic in this post, but alot of tiny things in this season are exceptionally odd. I mean Miu Miu did the amazing cat prints last season, mixing child-like fantasy with strict tailoring- simply genius. This season! DARK DARK DARK! It's exceptionally depressing. I know that it is for Fall and it is cold then, and black consumes the most light but COME ON! The trend feels as vampy cold dark boring as the Vampire Diaries on ITV compared to Twilight (L). Lots of love there... R Pattz.....

For a little bit of optimism and brighter colours this Fall we turn to Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has really focused on furs and the Arctic instead of darkness for keeping warm this Fall. I much prefer this idea. I am totally against the use of real furs, and i can tell myself that the furs are fake and the Karl would never be so cruel but... yeah. No matter what, Chanel will remain my ultimate favorite ever! A Uni friend ordered a batch of Chanel temporary tattoos today, and I can happily say I am super jealous. :(

Thats all for now. My fingers are tired from typing.


Edit; Largerfeld HAS used fake furs... yay!!

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