McQueen 2010

Alexander McQueen, Fall 2010

This collection reminds me of grand embroidery from the Victorian era, Kimono style jackets from Asia, Renaissance paintings from Italy, and a harsh military edge with black leather knee high boots and strong buckled heeled ankle boots. The feather head-dresses add an African twist to this multi-cultural collection, and keep a focus on the clothes instead of hair and make-up. It would appear the McQueen label is taking ethnic diversity and appreciation of difference to a whole new level. This collection is not humble, quiet or muted as many would expect after McQueen’s tragic death. Instead it shouts from the roof tops that McQueen is still here, and is here to stay. 

The royalty feel to this collection is imposed through McQueen’s choice of colours and textures. Royal red on silk simply breaths riches and imposes strength of character and status. The gold embroidery, contrasts with softer tailoring giving these garments a sumptuous yet eternally glamorous look. 

In terms of accessories, the royal theme is continued through harsh jagged jewels, ranging from deepest violet, royal red and emerald green. The tight waist belts reinvent the hourglass figure, and ass more to the military, powerful sense to the collection. 

Renaissance is very strong in this collection; From wings being printed onto one ensemble back, to a ceiling painting becoming the print on an asymmetric mini. It is claimed that McQueen’s last tweets shouted “HELLISH DREAMS AND PROLIFIC DEAMONS”, and it is clear to see this influence in the collection. These demonic and hellish remnants create strong contradictions from the innocence of white tulle, and the grandeur of gold embroidery. 
Part of the collection reminded me quietly of the Snow Queen from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. The white and grey marble affect gave the dresses a cold feel, however they still suggested innocence; a great contrast if ever there was one. But of course, that is what McQueen is all about, standing out.

The collection as a whole screams “I am here, do as I say or fear me”. I love how powerful these outfits will make women feel.

Alexander McQueen’s autumn collection is inspired by Byzantine art, the carvings of Grinling Gibbons, and Old Master paintings and altar pieces including, in particular, works by Jean Fouquet, Sandro Botticelli, Stephan Lochner, Hans Memling, Hugo van der Goes, Jean Hey and Heironymus Bosch. 

All patterns were cut on the stand by Lee Alexander McQueen. 

Each piece is unique, as was he.


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