May Elle is here

Yay! It's that time of the month again when the new Elle arrives on my door-mat. Oh what a joyous event it is! I love the tingly feeling I get when I see the beautiful shiney book on the mat; full of new fashion news for me to pore over; sexy photo shoots packed with clothes to wish for; and interesting articles for my eyes to twinkle at. mwaha!

And which swanky new fashionista is adorning the cover...

The sexy cougar Demi Moore, wearing a beautiful hessian corset and nylon bra-both by Dolce and Gabbana. Her gorgeous locks, innocent make-up and sexy outfit hide her real age and show us the beautiful young thing she is. Now, despite rigorous rumors of obsessive body altering which her reply is "In truth, I wish there was a little bit less curiosity and fascination with how I look, whether it is good or bad", she resists accusations of botox and other facial surgery- "I've had something done but it's not on my face".
Silk chiffon dress by Dior. Leather corset by Lyall Hakarai
For me, this is a huge confidence boost. Although I am only 18 (eeek!), the fear of not aging beautifully is scarryy. Demi claims she "I don't feel any pressure now to conform- but maybe that's because I don't know if there is an ideal for the age that I'm am." Whatever she has or hasn't done, she remains a true female icon and truely stunning. What an honest woman.
Silk chiffon dress by Burberry Porsum. Snake-skin belt by Bally

Silk- gabardine coat by Burberry Porsum. Patent-leather belt by Yves Saint Laurent.

Phew. Lots of reading to do then! 
I received two artistic gifts today. First is an Alice in Wonderland mask adorned by my friend Man Yee, and the image itself is my chuckle gift!

Ohh Man Yee
The second was a print from the boyf. Bansky inspired.

How Lovely.

However- Today's Look
Linking my two new buys with my army boots. Sexxyy!

Zipped Jumper by Whistles
Jeggings by Miss Selfridge
Boots by Dorothy Perkins
Socks by Topshop
Sunglasses and vest tee by Primark

OH! And one more thing. I am in love with having the Chanel shows online. Fall-winter 2010/11 RTW is here



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