The 'i' key on my keypad is breaking :(

As ashamed as I am sure my family will feel of me when I follow in my father's footsteps and get my first tattoo. For me, having a tattoo etched into your skin is like becoming a piece of artwork, and committing one's self to the beauty and responsibility of being this artwork. I am hoping to have said tattoo on my hip, running down my thigh- YES OWWCCHHH.. but at the moment I am just researching.  I want it to remain small and thin though, and not large and gaudy. I want it to be delicate, intricate and gentle. 

I love love love this little design, however, I would remove the birds as I feel these are too Disney Cinderella or Sleeping beauty. I want my tattoo to be beautiful, not childish.

These are absolutely HUGE but this is the sort of area I would like to have it in.

Although I have taken inspiration from Chanel's transfers this season, I feel having flowers would be a more honest representation of my personality. Hmmm.. to decide. I will be getting this after Pars, so not long now!



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