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Ahhh! Skinny legs contrasting with oversized coat. Mixed with modern 'denim' style shirt and boots. Everything in this image in about contrasting shapes and textures. BIG LOVE.

However, this look has in no way inspired my look today;

Stupid mirror. I adore it, but i wish that i could take better images. I'm back to the rubbish camera again :( NOT GOOD. Anyway..
Blazer by French Connection
Corsage and Necklace- gifts
Crop-top by Newlook
Jeggings by Topshop
Boots by Dorothy Perkins
Glasses by Chanel
Gold and Diamond bracelet-gift

In terms of fashion news, blogs are on the top agenda. I am desperately awaiting an amazing post from Tavi Gevinson at http://www.thestylerookie.com/. I hope it is a total review of the current exciting trends, so that I can be arrogant and say "yes, yes! I agree!". I have also become an avid follower of The Satorialist. How interesting it is! Unlike Tavi, the blog speaks to readers, offering competitions and asking readers opinions. Although I like being able to get involved, Tavi's fresh and young opinions are greatly loved by me.

Next! The hate for Primark is well known, but how about the hate for A-W-F-U-L stores such as Sports Direct. AH! The bain of society? How they openly flog utter rubbishy worthless pieces of 'sport apparel' to the adoring lower class fans! I am not just being stuck up here, but selling this style of clothing at minimal cost to the young people simply encourages the 'chav' culture. (Despite Apple spellcheck disagreeing with me, 'chav' is actually a word. OED say so.) I am not insinuating that everyone should walk around in Galliano couture, or perfect lengths of Chanel fur, but please. Leisure-wear is for exactly that- leisure, like going to the gym! Leisure-wear does not encourage the young un's to get off their bums and go get jobs in WORKWEAR! Oh no! You laze about in your bloody leisure wear all you want. Hmph. I mean, Alexander Wang ROCKED sports-wear in his RTW collection last season, with inspiration from American Football 'uniforms'. But this still looks work worthy, not just trackies greasy hair and horrific piercings and gaudy tattoos.

That is of course is walking around in your knickers is acceptable at work. Leggings maybe?

I love the side plait. I want to try it tomorrow with a cropped jumper and something else... Hmm. Off to google now and make myself find something fash!



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