Calvin Klein Thrift

AHA! I have mastered the art of thirfting! I got £10 out of the bank to pay for my boots meal deal (amazing deal) and ended up spending my cash on a vintage Calvin Klein shopper bag! YAAAYY!

As I am now a thrifting master, i have chosen to celebrate by exploring this seasons Calvin Klein..
As a rule of thumb, being a New York based designer means fashonistas expect the best fabrics, cleanest cuts and a sophisticated mood to any piece. Calvin Klein is a true genius at this. Even from the original collection in 1970, Klein's work has always been professional and aimed at the successful working woman, and his cuts have always been clean and crisp. However, Klein's exploration of the more exciting, young and 'fresh'  side to men and women, with an interesting focus on the use of denim. 

what a cheeky young laddy

This forever young trend was revived during Calvin Kleins 2009 season, through the use of "double denim". Often a tricky look to master, but there is tonnes of advice out there. One key message appears to be if you going to work the double denim, make sure that your top is a different shade to your jeans.


However, my favourite highlight to Calvin Klein's label s the use of clean cuts and endlessly elegant flowing fabrics of their RTW collection. Although the collection remains grown up and work based, there are hints of child-like fantasy and playful textures.

And so I take my hat off to Calvin Klein. Now I have merged my way into the brand, I can fully appreciate the delicate and intricate work that goes into each garment, combining the adult world, with childish fantasy.. oh! and a BANG of teenage freeesshh.



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