being 18 is going to be daaangerous

Despite the fact i begged god to be 18 quicker, now I am its getting dangerous already! The wine is out and the money is doownnn. However, my list of things that I want now is bigger as being 18 means going out on the town.

Skirts, dresses, tops, tights and lace. It's spring now and florals are in desperate need of being revived. Of course with Erdem and Etro running florals for spring, mixing eclectic rock-hard edges to such feminine prints will be fun. 

Erdem FALL 2010

Etro Spring/Summer 2010

Of course, Chanel MUST have some influence in my 'clubbing' wardrobe. These clogs are simply beautiful, and despite the 'tan-line' trend being worked in the S/S collection (which is awful and not fash) the clogs are amazing amazing!!
Chanel Spring 2010
I've seen some sexy clogs in Zara. However, when i put them on i was teetering around the bloody shop like a pig in stilettos. Not cool, not sexy and not fashionable. They were exactly the same as the black clogs featured here, but had another layer in the 'wellington' style like my heeled army boots from Dorothy Perkins. 

Lace lace lace
Influence from Dolce and Gabanna and Chanel.

 Dress and body by Dolce and Gabanna. Fall 2010.
But, being me, Dolce and Gabanna clothing is hardly in my price range. And so..

Lace body by Topshop, perhaps teamed with a body con panel skirt which i already own... from somewhere in South Wales.. not really sure. 

 I'm off to the boyf's now.


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