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Hey guys. So as you know I am currently super super crazy busy with school. It would be depressing if it wasn't fashion related. I'm making my own trend report and magazine layout in the style of Vogue. Who knew there was quite so much required to make it look like the world's biggest fashion magazine. Anywho... So to keep me going I've had lots and lots of hot chocolate (highlights forever, loving my flask!), and plenty of fruit. If I am going to recommend anything to you lovely ladies-and guys- to help you keep going through 12 hour days of straight working, then fruit would definitely be it. Yes chocolate gives you the immediate sugar hit, but wholemeal things (brown/seeded bread, porridge, brown rice/pasta) and fresh fruits really keep you running on gas for so much longer. I'm not saying don't have chocolate, hell I have like 8 highlights hot chocolate a day, but don't rely on it!
So this post wasn't actually going to be a motivational, how-to-stay-alive-at-uni post, but if you want me to do one just comment. Having youtube video's on in the background has really helped. I don't have an iPod (I did but it got stolen), so I have to rely on youtube for my music fix. I have also been watching lookbook videos, and on of my current favourites is from Beauty Crush. I love her relaxed yet chic style, and really relate to her. So check it out! Love,


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