London Fashion Week: Day 1 Outfits

Hey everyone!
So tomorrow is my first show at for London Fashion Week. I am super lucky that my boss has given me the day time off to be with Alex (and the weekend!). I am seeing Jasper Garvida's AW 2011 show at the Freemasons Hall, at 7:30. Jasper graduated from Central St Martins in 2004, and went on to win Project Catwalk in 2008. His current collections have been exceptionally popular among celebrities and the fashion world, and I am looking forward to reviewing him tomorrow.
However, today's post is my outfit plan for the show. As I am going with my mum (she won these tickets through her job), I don't want to be too over fashioned as she may feel a little out of place, bless! I have chosen a relatively comfortable outfit, but with hints of the 1970's trend. 

 I know you've seen this combination from me a million times, but I think the heels and blazer give it a more business edge. I am going to get my mum/boyfriend to get photos of me on the day, so I will be able to show you how I style my hair and make up. I am torn between loose curls, or the Lauren Conrad style bun. My make up I am hoping to wear my usual winged eyeliner, then an addition of MAC Ruby Woo. Red is looking to be a big trend for Fall, and I think the mix of blue and red is pretty cool.
This next outfit is my plan for Monday, when I return to Fashion Week. I am completely undecided on this one though. I like the combination of the sheer shirt with the hard edge leather leggings, and Burberry style boots, but I am still unsure. I definitely wont wear a tank underneath, because I would look as black as a photography dark room (not good). 

If you have any ideas for me please feel free to share! I am really super excited to be reporting from the shows, and some exciting new things coming up very soon. Stay tuned. For on-the-minute updates, follow me on twitter: twitter.com/elliemat345 . Love you all


Seriously every one of those outfits are soooo cute! I especially like the last look. Its my fav!

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