Skinny Bitch

After watching Anna Saconne's journey through following the Skinny Bitch diet for one week, I have been inspired to have a go myself. The Skinny Bitch is a book series written by Americans, Rory Freedman and Kim Barouin. The book wakes you up to the horrors of modern consumption, and all the crap that is pumped into our foods. Even seemingly 'healthier choice' foods, and chock-a-block full of preservatives and chemicals. I mean, we've all heard about the danger of E numbers for kids, but have you ever thought about its effect on your body?
As many of you may know, I do struggle with body confidence issues and although I have never been medically over-weight, I have spent periods of my life heavily depressed from weight gain. I have got my weight to a place where I can cope with day-to-day life, however I want to be healthier. Secondly,I also have alot of skin problems (blemishes, discolouration) and the foods you eat impact massively on this. And lastly, I am hoping to start a more regular exercise routine to tone my stomach up for the summer (and possible holidays in the sun!) and get my body in a good place.
Okay, so the Skinny Bitch 'diet' essentially is a vegan diet. The immediate diet changes is the removal of meat, fish and dairy. To start with, I already don't eat beef, pork or duck. I do occasionally eat chicken, and I eat alot of fish. Dairy is going to be the biggie. I drink around 1 1/2 cups of milk a day (1 with my porridge at breakfast, and the rest in tea or hot chocolate), and I have cheese on pasta, and I eat eggs with lunch or breakfast. Cheese and eggs I can probably just miss out for the duration of this experiment. Chicken I can sub in Quorn pieces (which I actually prefer), and fish I will just have to miss out. So I have decided to sub cows milk for Soya milk. I have already been drinking it for one day, and I can honestly say I can't tell the difference. So many peple I know say it's really disgusting tasting, but I can't taste the difference. The smell when you drink it alone is a bit odd, however it honestly just tastes a bit like watery milk!

So I'm going to do this little experiment for one whole week, starting when I get back to London on Sunday. I will keep you up to date daily on my Twitter, and I will do a big evalution on Sunday next week. I am not expecting weight loss, I just want to see how this 'diet' effects my energy levels, and how healthy I feel. 

EDIT: My other half, Alex, is now joining in from Sunday to Thursday, and will be helping me compile the final 'evaluation'.


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