ASOS Goodies!

I am an ASOS shopping newbie. Although I all too often stare at the ASOS pages for hours and hours, I very rarely buy from the site. However, their latest sale has really tickled me, and with the extra 20% discount from NUS, I was a little more than tempted. I was well behaved though, and I only got two things. Black and grey- of course!

Shirt £9. This sheer shirt is stunning, as it has lots of floral cut outs on the bottom of it. Excuse my silly socks and poor image quality.
Jacket £20. This reminds me of home so much. I miss the country, but love the city. I am exceptionally odd! Has anyone checked out the ASOS sale? Apparently since I purchased there have been even further discounts! Get in there..
Fashion Foreword


really cute...great job !!!

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