Tresemme Hair Products Review

I recently bought some new products from Tresemme. Tresemme are my favourite 'drugstore' brand, as like the bottle says it is professional quality at a really affordable price. As Tesco are darlings, Tresemme products are currently on a 3 for £10 offer, so of course I stocked up! I got my usual blonde enhancing conditioner, but I also got two new products: Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque and 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray.

These cost around £5 each usually, but I paid around £3.33 each for them (I cannot do maths, so if anyone wants to work out exactly how much each cost feel free). The containers are very well sized for that price when compared to other more expensive brands. The masque is 500ml, and the spray is 250ml. I chose to buy both these products for very selfish reasons. First, my hair feels RANK after a day in the city. It's full of pollution and grime from the underground and hence I am really deeply shampooing. Sadly this is drying my poor hair out even more than it already was, so I believe a deep treatment masque done once a week may be the answer to my tricky situation. I bought the Root Boost spray because I love to get volume in my hair without the vicious back-combing. Some of you may be thinking, "but hold on a moment, Ellie, you have a root boosting spray from Toni and Guy?". Yes, but that is £15 a bottle, and hence I would rather go for a cheaper option with just as high quality. 
The masque is very thick, and almost feels like a gel when applied to my hair. I suppose this is a good thing, as the thicker the product the more enriching it will be..right? And the root boost spray is similar to all sprays I have used before- although it feels a little stickier. I always apply these products before I dry my hair, so I guess the stickiness fades out after drying. I'm being very vague-sorry!
And here is the results! My hair looks incredibly healthy, vibrant and silky. Although this photo doesn't really do the product justice in terms of softness, I just wanted to show you how vibrant my colour looks now it's all shiny! 
And again, a completely pointless image as it is in black and white. Again look how smooth and silky my hair looks. I felt B&W made the smoothness more prominent.
So in conclusion, I would greatly recommend both of these products. Blogger refused to load the image I took to show the affects of the Root Boost spray, but trust me, this works excellently! I received several comments today at Uni, saying how healthy my hair looked and had I been to a salon? Nope, just my TINY bathroom. Hope your having a lovely day guys!
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