Hey Kitty Kitty

With Halloween this Sunday, I have finally decided on my 'costume'- I am going as a cat! I know, boring and unexperimental, but I have created a look using a mix of MAC and other make-up products.





1) Prep and Prime your face with concealer, foundation and powder. Then prime your eyes on the lid, up to the brow and along the bottom lash line. I used TooFaced Shadow Insurance
2) Use a black eyeliner (pencil) to shape your eyebrows in a curve shape. I used my Chanel pencil
3) Cover your entire eye and lower lash line in a bright white shadow
4) Use a black on the outer corner and blend into the white.
5) Line your top lashes with liquid eyeliner, and create a flick at the top. Carry the line down a third into the bottom lash line
6) Line your bottom waterline.
7) Use pencil or liquid eyeliner to colour the tip of your nose black, and create whisker lines.
8) Use lip liner to create a heart shape on your lips. Fill this in, and cover this is red lipstick.

MEOW! I hope you enjoy this one guys! What are you wearing for Halloween!!
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