Hello my lovely followers! As promised, I am now running a giveaway to celebrate reaching 50 followers!
More details will be coming later today, as I am currently in class and wanted to update you guys. The prize will be 5 beauty products- 3 nail polishes from Barry M (as I have been raving about these) and 2 secret gifts to be revealed.

To enter this competition, I want you guys to comment below your favourite and worst things about this blog. First of all this will really help me to improve or work on things you don't like and to increase the amount of good stuff I've done! I will then enter all your names into random.org to find a winner!!

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Yey for the 50 followers :D

Okay so I love the way you write; its personal, to the point and just generally a nice thing to read :D

One thing you could improve on is how frequent the posts are, but I do understand that you have just started uni :)

Hope everything is going well for you!



congrats on getting the BIG 50 followers.
My fav thing bout yur blog is the different mediums you use. For example videos, pictures or just plain diary entries.

The worst part of your blog is that your posts arnt as frequent as i like. However that is just an even bigger compliment to how much i like reading your posts !!

God job and congratulations

Well done you!

I love the detail in your blog...you can tell that you take pride in what you do and it feels like you're definitely making the extra effort to make it all more professional (if that makes sense?)

Hate to sound like a broken record, but more posts would make it better!!

T x


I loveee the makeup posts, I love all the different products you discuss. But I would like more "how to" tutorials. That is really all I can say that is negative!
This giveaway looks amazing!

i love your blog!
it's super interesting :DDDD

oh i guess that would be worst
but its not bad!
i do agree with the how-to videos :DDD

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Congrats on followers.
I think you are so beautiful.

Like: I love how you post everything from makeup, fashion, tips, and even everything over the weekend.

Worst: I like your blog a lot, and I don't think anything is bad about it (I know others have said you aren't frequent on your post, but I understand that you have a life, and managing a blog isn't that easy) but I think more reader participation would be cool (Example: Asking us what's our favorite fall clothing. Or something like that.)

Thanks for a cool giveaway.

Woooo well done on the 50 =]

I really really like the diversity of your posts you mix up your topics and your writing style occassionally it makes it so much more interesting to read =]

The "worst" thing / something you could improve on is well I want to see more make up looks lol I loved your Like Autumn Leaves one and want moooore!

Thanks for hosting a great giveaway ^.^

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Wahay! 50!

Best: It's an interesting an exciting blog. You even inspired me to start my own blog (http://www.upsashasstreet.blogspot.com/)

Worst: you don't blog when you go away and i miss it!


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