Dr Nick Lowe Anti Blemish Starter Kit

As many of you know, I don't exactly have perfect skin. Despite having dry skin, my skin is often very oily too, and I am highly prone to blemishes. Although I have certain products that I know work for me, I am always open to trying new things. This isn't always the best of ideas (Lancome Teint Miracle for example), but it allows me to experiment and share my findings with you guys!
This is how the product comes, and I will say that I like the packaging. It's clean and professional looking, but the lime green gives it a youthful kick. The products are in what I would call sample sizes (below), but are well sized for my trial. I am going to use these untill they run out and then report my findings. At the moment I have very blemished skin, and lots of discoloration (eurgh!!) so hopefully this will sort me out.
 In the kit you get four different potions, and you have to use these in a certain order. First is the Purifying Foaming Cleanser, which you use as your face wash. I wash my face in the shower as the steam is really good for clearing out your pores. Second is the Sebum Control Cleanser, which controls the level of sebum oils which cause break outs. This is applied with a cotton pad after you've dried. Next is the Oil Control Day Cream, which you replace your moisturizer with. Many of you may be thinking "ELLIE! YOU JUST GOT A VERY EXPENSIVE LAURA MERCIER MOISTURIZER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING"... But I am being fully committed. There is no point using an expensive and luxurious face cream, if your face isn't in the best condition.  Finally is the Spot Gel, which you apply directly to any spots to reduce redness and treat them. I would recommend doing this morning and night so that your face is treated over 24 hours. 
Terrible photographs. My camera really doesn't like the bathroom! Anyway, so thats my exciting new skin care regime I am going to be testing. Reviews will come when I have used the main three products up, and if I can see a visible difference. have you used products from this brand before? What were your reactions. Let me know!
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