New Years Resolutions

I was talking to my boyfriend on New Years Eve, and he said that he didn't 'believe' in making New Years Resolutions. This struck me as quite odd, as I always make many and try to work at them all year. For me, a new year is a new start. You can erase the mistakes of last year, learn from them, and build towards making your life happier and more successful. So here are my resolutions for this year:

  • fashion: make an effort everyday, whether I am going out or not. It will motivate me to work hard at home, and not feel so self-conscious at school that I look bad!
  • make up: this year I will try to wear less make up, in the hope that it improves my skin condition
  • blog: update at least every two days, and earn more followers by creating more interesting and exciting content
  • uni: work really hard, pass all tests with the highest mark possible, and to become a course rep next year
  • life: live everyday to the full, don't let an opportunity go and try as many new things as possible.
What are your new years resolutions? I know I have LOADS but these are more things I can build and work on rather than drastic changes. Good luck everyone!!


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