Fashion Friday: I know it's not actually Friday!

Blog love alert! As I have twitter (follow me here), there is this weekly trend known as Fashion Friday, where bloggers, designers, journalists, celebrities and many other people in the fashion industry promote others in the industry. Donna Karen at DKNY is a brilliant fashion friday-er. So I thought it was about time I jumped on this very popular bandwagon and join in on this blog. Recommendations welcome, just comment below!

Seriously in love with this blog. The writer Liz is incredibly fashionable, and I swear I have seen her modelling somewhere. Someone please agree with me. Anyway, Liz is currently on a road trip in America, and shares her travel shots (fashion edged of course) every other day. She posts outfits of the day, which are set up on location with an amazing composition. She also posts lookbooks for companies and designers, and her mood board style inspiration posts are a joy to read. I also just love her hair:

Although this site is more tailored for those in their 20's and 30's with a high disposable income, the Style Observer is a great place to get inspiration for wearable and grown up looks. The editor, Jean, is on topic, on trend and deeply interested in wearable, yet stylish, outfits for women. I love flicking through the 'Looks' section for inspirational outfits to wear to school. I have mentioned this blog before, but I felt it needed a more  formal introduction to the stage:

Possibly the best blog I have EVER read. Specifically tailored for fashionable college/ uni students, this blog epitomizes everything about being a student and the need to be fashionable. It dicusses everything from dorm decorations, knowing your designers, cartoon inspired looks, celebrity inspired looks, new trends and so so much more. All of this, and it still keeps within a student budget, with a student life in mind. It is written by current students in American colleges (is it more specific to Americans but is easily applicable to British and overseas students), so you feel a really connection and understanding with what they are saying. Save the best for last, and please please go read this incredible blog:
Now I want to know what your current favourites! Share and comment below!


Gorgeous! Such a good idea :) We'll be sure to check them out <3

Love Ellen

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