I'm Back!

Hey guys!! Exams are over and I am back! I have so so much to update you on and I will try to even the posts out and begin doing more fashion reviews. I have an offers day on the 10th of July for LCF and so things seem to be moving the in the right direction. I've got my four pink boxes to fill with stuff so if you have any suggestions as to where to get some cheap but cute stuff for my new home! Right, so updates in terms of fashion..

Dress £13.50 from Primark
Boots £35 from Dorothy Perkins

I adore these boots. I bought some really similar back in winter 2009, but I misplaced them somewhere (?) so I searched the world for some more and found these in the "Back In Stock" section of Dorothy Perkins online. I absolutely adore their electric blue colour, and it will either compliment black or dark blue dresses, or contrast pinks, whites and other colours. If you have these, or shoes in any electric colour, avoid teaming them with their complimentary colour. For these boots I would avoid yellow, green and oranges. The dress is made of denim, but is reinforced with elastic, meaning it has a really on trend texture (Dolce and Gabanna S/S 2010 influence) but it will stretch over my bigger bust and pokey bum!!
Socks £1.50 from Primark

I love these cute little socks as they really play on the "pretty trend" (Chanel S/S 2010). The colour, 'tread' and lace tops remind me of the socks I wore to primary school, and the combination of a bow and lace gives this a tiny bit of sexual repression. I would wear these probably rolled down a bit as they are over the knee, with ballet flats or my black sued heels.
Headscarf £2.50 from Matalan

I haven't shopped in Matalan since I was about twelve, as my mum used to buy all our school uniforms from there. However, recently they have had several smaller designers running diffusion lines within the store, and so the quality of the ready-to-wear collections has dramatically improved. This headscarf reminds me of the Global Traveler trend, employed by Etro, Kenzo and Erdem S/S 2010. I love the blend of colours with a black and white lining. I have worn this with the rest of the scarf loose down the side of my hair, and also tied into a bun with the rest of my hair. This creates a really chic yet young look.
Jeans £8 from Primark

Jeans are often the hardest thing to buy, in terms of gaining the correct length width, colour, fabric feel and shape. For me, skinny jeans have always been difficult to shop for as my dress size has changed so much. I was a size 12 for skinny fit jeans last year, and this summer I am a size eight. Although I wear alot of jeggings, which are the slimmest fitting 'jean' available, I wanted a skinny fit but with a bit of movement and looser fit around the thighs and knees. These are a dark blue, with one browny gold stitch and a creamy gold stitch, and the the buttons and 'studs' are a deep brown. I have teemed these in three different ways since I bought them; above with black heels and a white vest tee, with the blue booties (above) and a black boob tube, and with gladiator heels and a nautical striped tee. 

Fashion Wants
Whilst out shopping, I have stumbled across several pieces of apparel that I am going to save my pennies for. First; crop tops. Although I bought one crop top from Topshop last year, it was really a crop top and was in a boring beige colour. This season shops are making crop tops very cropped! So this way they are more of an exclusive piece for smaller sizes- some may say this isn't fair on bigger sizes, but some pieces look better on bigger sizes compared to smaller. Anyway, these tops are from the local New Look. There are two crop tops, and one longer tee that follows the massive floral prints that has infiltrated the high street this season. Please excuse the quality of these- they are taken on my BlackBerry.
Crop top £16 from New Look

I love this cop top. The ruffle layers add volume, and so balances my hips out with the rest of my body. I adore the print and it mixes the three primary colours, but with a modern and brighter twist. As the flowers are really  tiny, there are no massive blocks of colours and so the body isn't distorted. I may wear this with a white bikini on the beach, or as I have done here with jeans, or mini shorts, with gladiator flats- a really summery look. 

Crop Top £14 from New Look

This crop top is quite simply beautiful. It is made from a crepe material, and hence has a completely new texture to the top. It is a crop top, and has a cute little tie in the middle, created by combining  two thin strips of the tops material.  The buttons are actually tiny little pearl love hearts and this really adds to the cutesy affect! This would defiantly be a beach wear piece as the material is very see through!
Vest top £16 from New Look

I really like this little vest top. The print is really cute and vintage looking, and combines pinks, greens and whites, colours which really compliment my skin tone and hair colour. The white lining creates a bodice affect on the top, giving it more structure, and perhaps showing off a smaller- or even a shapely figure. However, this tee doesn't really work for me. The bottom of it is in a skirt shape, and hence widens the hip area, which is one of my biggest points, so throws my body a little out of proportion. 
Shoe-boots £18 from Matalan

Again another fantastic find at Matalan. Sadly mummy said no to buying these for me, so when I get paid these are the first thing I am going to buy! They are very similar to my grey army boots, but these have a really cute twist. They are in a nude pink, with gold eyelets. The heel in this photo is a bit deceptive as the heel is actually around 5 inches high! The boots remind me strongly of the YSL caged boot. These would look brilliant with darks and lights, dressed up with a body-con dress or dressed down with dark jeans and a floral tee. 

Beauty Buys
There is no point having fantastic new clothes if you don't have some fantastic new make up and face products to go with them. Here is my new beauty buys for this week! 

Powder Brush £15 from Tesco, Eyeshadow Brushes £10 from Tesco, and Foundation Sponges from Cosmopolitan. 
I love this new set of brushes. I knew that I desperately needed a powder brush that I could use for my new powder foundation (see below) and for blushers. The sponges are also great for applying liquid foundations.
Face Fixing Powder, £4 from Tesco
Pore Minimizer from Clinique. This is only a small sample that my mum got when purchasing some Clinique spa products but it has become a true staple in my make-up bag. As I have dry skin, I have to drown my face in E45 lotion before applying anything to it. I often find that both liquid and power foundations sink into the skin and disappear. I have found by applying this cream after my E45, the foundations sit perfectly on the skin, and infact last longer. 
Givenchy Blusher Quatro- Gift

When my mum was going through all her skin care stuff, she found this Givenchy blusher quatro and decided I would get more use out of it, and I sure have. The lighter tones compliment my skin really well, and using a blend of them allows me to create a totally personal look. I use the darker blusher under my cheek bones to bring them out, similar to how you would use a bronzer. 

I think that's all for now guys, you are well and truely updated on the new bits in my life! School life is officially over for me now and I look forward to blogging more regularly. Also, as my preparation for LCF continues, I will take you with my on the journey and from September will be blogging from London!! Speak soon guys!



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