Topshop Sale

As amazing as high street sales all are, there is nothing quite like a Topshop sale. With their high turn over of fast fashion, ever changing trends and constantly updated looks, the Topshop sale is always H-U-G-E. Although most of the stuff online clothing wise is already out of stock, I am hitting Oxford on Monday when I hope to find some bargains. Here are my top picks from the online sale:

Temporary Tattoo £3.25

Slip Skirt £12

Printed Maxi Dress £15

Check print Bib Dress £20

Tulle Skirt £20

Diamante Dress £90

Set of Bangles £8.25

Charm Bracelet (I really want this!) £5

Headband £10

Slouchy Hobo Bag £20

Jeweled Shoes £10

Floral print Shorts £20
Okay so I may be spending all of my pay on a few bits. I specifically LOVE the printed maxi dress and the charm bracelet. I also really want the temporary tattoos as they remind me so much of Chanel's ones, and I could be cheeky and eyeliner in a few linked C's.. for good measure!



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