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Hello! Welcome to the new layout! Please let me know what you think about it in any of the comments boxes. I have chosen to add more colour to the blog as I felt the blog was beginning to look a bit boring, clinical and not  very reflective of me and my personality. I want the blog to be fun and an enjoyable experience, not just a super serious fashion media. So enjoy!
This post is going to be a 'haul' one, as I have bought even more beauty products. When I get paid next week I will be getting some more clothing and accessories pieces. I have seen some amazing necklaces, bangles, shoes and even cushions in Accesorize so I hope to get some of them. I am also looking for some day heels, so if you know where I can get some comfy summer heels (not wedges, not cork) in neutral tones please let me know! So- the new products.

These three products are from The Body Shop. I don't usually shop here but after a visit to their Didcot store last week I have fallen in love with it. As I have very dry skin, but still get thousands of spots, I find using natural based products do much more for my skin. I have alot of samples of their Aloe Cleansers and Aloe Moisturizers and so I am going to see how these work and buy full size bottles of them. Okay so today in Bristol I bought Papaya Body Butter, which I will probably use on my hands and forearms and not the whole body as I have sensitive skin. It smells amazing and is super soft! I also bought their Lip/Concealer Brush. This is a combination brush, but I will be using it specifically for concealer. I have a Benefit It Stick concealer. So this brush should give me a more even coverage. Oh and the sharpener is for the It Stick. 
Next up, this is a gift from my Godmother. These products are imports from Canada, and use mineral concepts to create an even coverage and long lasting wear. I haven't used mineral products before but I have heard they can have variable results. I will let you know how they work. The compact is pressed translucent power, and the tube is a mineral dispensing brush, with powder in the bottom. These also have SPF in them. The powder as SPF15 and the brush has SPF30, so I can gain sun protection from my make up!
Oh and today's big haul was on university stuff. We went to the GIGANTIC Wal-Mart in Bristol to get alot of stuff at cheap prices. I got a pink lamp, spotty bedcovers, sauce pans, kettle, toaster, wooden spoons, a plastic bowl, baking trays, steamer, measuring pots and jug, mugs, and storage containers. So alot! I think there is still alot let on the list, but I am really enjoying having all my own stuff.

Right, so although I earlier said I will buy more clothes, I do need to be saving money. I will get some basics, accesories and smaller pieces, but I wont be buying any statement pieces. Watch this space for photos from the ball, and there will be alot more LOTD and review posts. Let me know what you think of the new layout. 


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