LOTD: Rock It

Okay so yet another LOTD post but I promise that I have a bunch of posts that are much more fashion related to be uploaded tomorrow and Sunday. First of all, I want to say congratulations to my friend Emma who received a DDD (triple distinction!) in her college course! I can't wait to meet her on the 10th of July, and at LCF in September. Check her out over at Chain Link Fashion. Well worth a read.
Right so onto the posts to be looking forward to. First, I will be reviewing the Hemp Body Butter from the Body Shop, which was just amazing. I will be doing a post on styling maxi dresses after a request from my cousin, which will include formal and day wear. I will also be doing update posts on recent fashion releases such as Burberry doing a beauty line, Project D from Danni Minouge and some top summer buys (including some amazing shoes from Alaia). 
With all that to look forward to, I will also be updating on the University process. My application for Student Finance was accepted and signed today, as was my UAL email account. I will also know where I will be living on the 9th of July, and will take some pictures when I go visit it on the 10th of July. So stayed tuned!
Today's Look

Top from F+F
Shorts from Primark
Bag from Urban Outfitters
Shoes from Dorothy Perkins
You guys must think I spend my whole like at the river drinking freezers- sadly not. I had to visit the doctors today as my eschma is soooo bad right now. I have steroid cream and tablets to take, yuck. This photo was taken at lunch time, where I treated myself to a Hoisin Duck Wrap- naughty- but from Monday will be strictly dieting for the ball. Just over a week to go!



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