LOTD and Aloe Moisturizer Review

Hey guys! As it is super sunny today I decided to wear my boyfriend jeans. I bought these a year ago from Zara in a size 10, and they were actually a skinny fit on me then. Just shows how much weight I've lost and how much I've toned up. They are in a basic denim wash, with distressed areas and brown stitching. They are really comfy and slouchy, but a bit too long, so I turn them up in the boyfriend jean style. Here's me in the park after Alex and I had a take-away pizza from Pizza Express..mmm!

I know it's black and white but you get the gist of the outfit. The theme was beachy and relaxed so I wore my boyfriend jeans from Zara, green and white embroidered tee from New Look, and my white gladiator sandals from F+F Couture, oh and the stripey bag is from Urban Outfitters. Look how white my legs are is so silly! With the weather we have at the moment I should have a tan, but being fair skinned I just burn burn burn! Also today I angel curled my hair using GHD's and I am really happy with the outcome. I don't really wear my hair down that often because it's a weird length, but the curls look so cute! Here is where we had our lovely picnic. It's quite picturesque but trust me, Abingdon is not that great.
So onto the Aloe Moisturizer review. As I said in my "Welcome to the new Fashion Foreword" post, I got some samples of Aloe products from The Body Shop, and today I decided to try the moisturizer. As you know I have terrible skin: my T-Zone is oily to combination, and my cheeks and nose (I know thats in the T-Zone, it makes no sense) are very dry. So getting a moisturizer that works for all my face is really difficult. Recently I have been using the E45 Face Lotion, but it is too heavy for my oily areas, and so at the moment I have a terrible break out on my chin and forehead! AHH! The lady in The Body Shop said that I should try their Aloe based products, as these are specifically formulated to work with all skin types. She claimed that the moisturizer and cleanser (which I also have a sample of) should balance my skin out and help control break outs. There is also an Aloe Foam Face-wash, but she couldn't give me a sample of that as it is foam. And so today I tried the moisturizer, and I must say I am very happy with the results. 
It was really soft and creamy in the pot, and I didn't need alot to get a full coverage. The smell is so gorgeous, but isn't over powering, just subtle. It felt really light in both the oily and dry areas, but after a small application my cheeks and nose still felt a bit dry. So I put another coat on these areas, and it was a perfect soft coverage. Even with a double layer it didn't feel heavy or cakey like the E45, and my skin has felt really soft all day. I am really happy with this product and so I think I will go buy a big bottle of it when I get paid. 

So yeah, that's all for now. I will probably do another Resort collection review tomorrow. I am going for a strawberries and cream picnic with Alex, Wimbledon style. Gosh, I have noticed I eat out alot and am eating alot. It's okay though because I am balancing it out with regular exercise and smaller dinners. I am trying to maintain my weight for the ball at the moment, just toning the tummy. Not long until the ball now, two weeks today!


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