Vera Wang: Layers, Structure and POP Colours

Vera Wang is one of the best wedding dress designers in the world. Not that I would know.. Although many people would then deem her a wedding designer only, her resort 2011 collection is just amazing! I am truely inspired by it. The clothes are really wearable, original and yet relaxed. Even though I've never worn anything by her..The key themes in this collection were Layering and alot of ruffles, Structure and interesting shapes, and POP colours!


The interesting shapes, and folds of fabric create really structured pieces. This gives these look a wearable office look- professional, yet elegant. The minimalist colour scheme also works great for this trend.


Despite the gorgeous sunshine making it near impossible to wear anything multi layer at the moment, Ms Wang is one step ahead of the crowd creating layered pieces that remain elegant and modern. I love the sleeveless and shoulderless leather jacket over a shirt. A new twist on the shirt and jacket mix!

POP Colours

These POP colours give a younger and more playful feel to each look. They create stand out pieces that are cleverly teamed with black, or worn alone. Again, these pieces are totally wearable, and forever beautiful.


For me these flower pieces just scream Spring and Summer! The huge but muted poppy shapes are just incredible, and the range of colours remind me of a seventies living room! Not always a good thing- but Vera makes them look really modern and appropriate at any party- yatch or otherwise. 

Piece of the Collection

This has been put in size extra large just to show you a total close up of this stunning dress. The chiffon material is just to die for. The exposed zip makes it more edgy. The colour is minimal, and so classic and elegant. It works so well with Shu Pei Qin's face and the hair makes it just beautiful. Although the majority of the collection is aimed at evening wear, all the pieces could easily be applied to work situations, important meeting and just looking god-damn amazing. Especially this dress. 



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