Summer Skin Routine

What with the sun shining on a regular basis, it's time to adapt to a new summer skin routine. As I have sensitive skin, which dries out super quick, it is really important for me to have a regular and highly moisturizing skin routine. This is even more important during the hot summer months when I have to top it all all with high factor sun protection. So here is my summer skin routine, which is for the body not the face;

First, while in the shower I use the Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden Body Scrub, which is part of their Spa Essentials range. The smell is gorgeous! It's really exotic and makes me think of like Morocco, or somewhere tropical. I do this on my legs and arms just using my hand and not a body 'poof'. I then use the Sanctuary Body Wash, also from the Spa Essentials collection as this has moisturizing beads in it that sooth the skin after being exfoliated. I don't use the lotion, but it came in the pack.

I use E45 Moisturising Lotion all over my body as it is super softening, super moisturizing and really light. I find that alot of body lotions and moisturizers that are specific to try skin are usually really heavy, and instead of softening the skin they just sit on the top layer. They're usually really sticky and uncomfortable, so the E45 is really the best one. Now really specific to summer I use the Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion for Fair to Normal skin. I find that alot of tanning body lotions for fair skin actually turn you orange over night, but the Dove one is light, creamy and more moisturizing than tanning. It builds up an even coverage, and just gives the skin a light glow. I use the E45 on my face too, but use the Dove Summer Glow only on my arms, legs and torso.

The summer essentials. After using the E45 and Summer Glow, I spray the Ambre Solaire Clear Protect sun cream in Medium 20 everywhere that will exposed to the sun. I really focus on the arms and back though because this is where I burn most. Despite this intense anti sun routine, I still burn and need the Ambre Solaire After Sun Refreshing Hydrating Spray. I chose to use the clear sprays because I find the creams too heavy and often less affective.

So that's my skin routine for the Summer. Tommorow I will be blogging about the LCF Graduates show (BA Fashion Design and Technology) which was streamed live on the LCF website. There were some incredible designs, and the Collection of the Year award went to menswear designer Nattaphon Sampataphakdee. So congrats to him and I'll talk to you guys tommorow-



I see that your routine is different in the evening than the morning. I think that’s actually really good. There are products that interact with the sun to protect your skin, turning the harmful rays into something helpful instead. They’re most effective when used with their night cream partners. My dermatologist recommended a day-and-night cream to me, and I’ve not ever regretted taking him up on that suggestion!

--Marc Bryan

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