Christopher Kane Inspired

Today's Look was exceptionally inspired by Christopher Kane. I teamed my new gingham playsuit with gladiator summer wedges- just to add that summery feel- and my new blue parka. Right down to my bag, belt and nails, the outfit totally complemented each part and looks summery and trendy.

And the playsuit's paper bag style shorts makes me legs look slimmer. Big plus :D
Whilst in town, I was very cheeky and bought a new dress. I only have one maxi dress and it has a very strong print- not really appropriate for casual wear. Soo.. I dished out £15 on a basic black jersey maxi. 
I love this dress so much. It's in a size six, and hugs my bust and hips, but floats down. It gives a really slim silhouette, and evens out my figure. Loves it!



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