Preen does Bridgette Bardot

The sixties really are inspiring everyone's resort collections this year. Maybe because it was an incredible decade, full of fashion, fashionistas and alot of fun! Preen are no different. Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi have created an amazing collection full of tailoring, neutrals, monochroming, and classic elegance, but with the Bardot sex twist. Whether you look at the floor length black gown, or the bodiced batwing tee, sexual desire seeps through every cut, seam and stitch. Preen has updated their classic Power-dress silhouette into separates, making it even more wearable, consistently reviving this classic look.
Sixties Spots

Shown in an industrial space, these spots take any fashionista back into the sixties. The mono-chroming may make some pieces that are spotty a little bit Cruella De Vil, and Dalmatian print isn't cool. However, the flowing satin like material makes these skirts and dresses floaty, relaxed and romantic- and very sexual- revealing a little bit of leg here, and a hint of fun personality. 
Cow-girl Shirts
These shirts are made of a sheer material, and so the sexual opulence of the sixties is definitely on show. The cowgirl references give notice to Bardot's Western movies, and the high colours just scream restrained passion. These shirts are styled on their own, or with peg leg trousers and sexy heels.
Black Maxi Dresses
The ultimate silhouette worker- a black maxi dress. I am in love with my high street black jersey maxi dress, and I think I will steal Preen's styling for my own! Anyway, these are total sixties classics, and will give any shape an amazing outline. The length just adds amazing elegance and luxury to each dress, and the leather accessories make them a little bit country side chic. The different straps and shoulder details also make each garment individual and add romantic touches. 
Boyish Figures
Doesn't this boyish way of dressing just make the model look even slimmer. I wouldn't advise this look for anyone who isn't straight up and down, but it would work perfectly on slim figures. I adore the jumpers and I really want one. Teamed with shorts this creates a super slim figure.
Look of the Collection
A total contrast to the rest of the collection, these two toned grecian style dress is just stunning. Most resort collections are using statement dresses to finish their collection, and I like Preen's the most. The dress would make any woman look super elegant and just stunning.



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