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Hey guys. I'm sorry about the lack of posting for like 4 days. Sorry about that, but once the finals are over I will be getting back into a regular routine. 
I thought I would share with you a gift I got in Elle UK this month. It is a leopard print beach bag from Reiss and I love it! It is made from canvas and has really strong handles, so you can fill it to the brim and they wont break. I find that with alot of gifts from magazines that the products don't really last really long, or it breaks in some way, but I am really happy with this piece. 

I have set these photos at extra large, so hopefully they remain within the lines of this post. Youtube videos have a funny habit of not doing that.. hm. Edit; I have changed these to large setting, they overran  like mad. 

I really love Reiss as a label. They are a true British high street classic, yet their pieces are of such a high quality. They really take women's office, professional, day and night wear to an entirely different level, without the massive price tag. Here are some of my favourites from their current collection. 

"Glitzy". This is an apparently beige, although to me and on the catwalk it looks white, suede jacket with crystal embellishment, and costs £295. I adore this jacket, but can't see it working for summer looks. Suede is a fairly heavy fabric, closely followed by velvet, and so you would be burning up on a hot summer night. So in the winter, this jacket will give an edgy, yet luxurious touch to any outfit. Dress up jeans and a tee, or dress down an elegant evening gown. 

"Kate". Again an apparently beige silk jumpsuit. This piece has dressed down luxurity over it. I love the length and cute fabric details. What I really love it that the cut of the fabric, the folds and ties within it and the piece as a whole stands out by itself, without embellishments or embroidery. This makes this a really basic, but elegant and luxurious piece. I would team this with bold silver jewelry to maintain the muted colours, I don't think gold would be as affective, and some white heels/wedges. 
"Marina". These shoes are to die for. These are apparently in tan (I really do not trust the colour descriptions on the Reiss website), yet they look a pinky grey to me. These are from the 1971 collection by Reiss, and cost £159. I have a tee from the 1971 collection and I love it. The pieces are kooky, a little bit vintage but still bang on trend. The cut-outs and the cuff detailing are bang on this season, and the "hidden" platform adds extra height to smaller ladies. I would team these with either long skinny trousers (e.g. on the jumpsuit), or a super short skirt. Anything in-between will cut the body up too much and will make even tall girls look shorter. 

"Rico". This is the cutest little bag I have ever seen, and I can finally trust the Reiss colour system- this is in Pearl. This is a shell resin bag with a metal casing. The chain has strong Chanel influences, which is emulated by the nautical theme. This can be held in ones hand with the chain removed, or on the shoulder with the chain at its full length. This bag costs £110, and I personally feel this isn't massively over priced. It is a real stand out piece, but will still work alongside most outfits.

More news, I am trying to work out how to blog via my BlackBerry, sadly that ship is still yet to sail as I haven't quite worked it out yet! When I do I am sure you will be informed. I hope you guys are enjoying the sunshine. I am wearing boyfriend jeans with gladiator sandals (both by Zara), a black tube top (from New Look) and drop-handle, oversized vintage style sunnies (from Primark). Talk soon!!



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