Hemp Body Butter Review: The Body Shop

This product was reccomended to me to treat extra dry areas such as the middle of my arms, legs and my tummy. The assistant claimed that hump helps to treat extra dryness naturally instead of using chemicals which can often dry the skin out even more. 

The product was really thick, but still soft and silky. I wore one application for a whole day and the areas I applied it to stayed soft and I had no eschma scars coming up either. The smell is a bit weird to be fair! It smells a little like cucumber, but with added sea weed. That sounds really weird, but its OK. I would really recommend this to anyone with dry or even damaged skin.
I rubbed it in with my fingers and it sunk it really quickly, which is good because alot of body butters just sit on the skin. Overall, I am really happy with this.



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