My Dress Arrived!!

My ball dress for the Summer Ball, and my final ball of secondary school, arrived this morning while I was at work. I am so so happy and excited because it is so so so gorgeous. It is from ASOS and have a white satin sweetheart 'top' and a black tulle style 'skirt'. This is the photo from ASOS:

I'm not going to show you it on until the actual ball date (which is the 5th of July) show I can show you it in the dresses full glory. I am going to wear it with my suede black heels because I can't really afford a new pair of shoes, and probably some sweet silver jewelry. I know this dress would look amazing with my Chanel pearl, gold and diamond necklace but it is just too precious to wear- and we are hitting the clubs after so its a big NONO.  Watch this space!



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