What's In My Bag: Truck Festival

First, I must send my apologies for not updating daily this week. I have been working full hours at Waitrose, to earn some lovely golden coins, and hence I get home and pretty much die on the sofa. My last day is next Saturday, but I am working nearly everyday between now and then. Except.... this weekend is TRUCK festival! Yaayy! Super excited- which you may have noticed as I keep going on about it! I should take some good photos and upload them next Tuesday when I get back.
So, today's post. Whilst thinking about things I will need at Truck, I found myself desperately searching google for any good advice for women. Although alot of sites were good for basic stuff like remembering a tent, roll mat and sleeping bag (I am not a total idiot!), there wasn't alot for women/ female teens! Combining this obvious problem, with the fact I love blog posts and vlogs about what's in people's bags (I'm too nosy!), I thought a post about what I am taking to this festival would help.
Now first of all- Truck is by no means small, however it is nothing on the scale of Reading and Leeds or Glastonbury. Secondly, there are no showers, and the google results banged on about "Oh you must use the shower.. blah blah" totally unhelpful stuff. Thirdly, I am there for four days, and I am working throughout that, and so I need more than just the 'basics'. I have split this into several sections, which are: food and drink, living, clothes, toiletries and essentials. Sadly this one is gonna be a unhealthy weekend, but I'm going for a laugh, so the diet is gonna get dropped!

Okay so I tried to organize outfits for rain or sun- hopefully it will be sunny! I am taking my: Varsity jumper from New Look as it is HUGE but quite light weight: a grey vest top from Warehouse, which is really soft and conformable: cut off studded shorts from Primark- an essential: three pairs of chunky socks from Topshop, which are for my floral wellingtons from Primark. I also have two pairs of leggings incase it rains.
Toiletries and Essentials
I am taking two Kodak film cameras, as it's silly to take a digital camera, and because I love film photography. To be honest, I have missed taking photos since I finished my A Levels, so I have 78 film shots to get! I have Elnett Cheryl Hairspray, Umberto Giannini dry shampoo, Tresemme dry shampoo, Halo eye make up removal wipes, Colgate toothpaste, Huggies baby wipes, Nivea Peal&Beauty deodorant, Nivea hand cream, Tesco value toothbrushes and a mug for my tea.  Should stay pretty clean and tidy! 
Food and Drink
It's disgustingly unhealthy food, but it will last. I try to get Weight Watchers products, but they are all soft and will get battered in my rucksack. So I have Pitch chocolate brioche rolls (for breakfast), Haribo star mix, Haribo goldbears, Go Ahead fruit bakes, WW jaffa cakes and WW caramel bars (for lunch and snacks). To drink I have two bottles of still water, 8 cans of Diet Coke and 24 Magners Pear Cider cans. It is a festival after all!
Make Up
I am not taking my usual make up, but I am taking-by most standards- alot of products. I am taking my Aloe Day Cream as it is light and long lasting; Dream Satin foundation by Maybelline, Boi-ing concealer by Benefit, translucent powder from an American brand that I don't know the name of, Shadow Insurance by TooFaced because I need my powder to last all day, Rimmel smokey eyeshadow palette, Rimmel liquid eyeliner,  Ruby and Millie pencil eyeliner and a selections of brushes. I think this will be plenty, but I want that rocky, festival, edgy look for my make up and hair.

So that's what in my bag for TRUCK festival. It should be a brilliant weekend, but as I am away for four days I wont be able to post until then. I will upload photos of my film images, and write a 'review' of the weekend. Talk again soon guys!
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