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I was very naughty and went shopping... Although I have promised and convinced myself that I wont go shopping again until August pay. I needed a few small pieces for Truck festival, so I went to Oxford and bought a selection of things from Primark and Boots. I had a look around Zara and Topshop, but Zara was stuffed with sales apparel and was just a mess, and nothing in Topshop inspired me. Shame really, I usually love these stores. Anyways, so I got...

The brown bag was £9, and is in the style of the Alexa bag from Mulberry. It is really cute, with a longer handle to be worn across the body, and two short 'handles' for wearing on the shoulder. The brown leather works really well with the gold metal details, and is really pretty generally. It fits my 16 inch laptop in, with alot of space around it, so the size is perfect. The woven bag is super sweet! The vintage style works brilliantly with a range of styles, from pretty trends to geek chic. This was originally £6, but I paid £3 in the sale. It has a long, thin strap, which can be tucked in to be used as a clutch bag. The white make up bag is quite quirky, and will be used for day trips or festivals, where I don't want to take my bigger make up bag. This cost £1.50.This was £2. The double layered vest top was £2.50, and is in an oatmeal and cream combination. I also got a snake ring, which is a really blingy accessory, but still pretty and edgy. Here is a close up:
From Boots, I was looking to get a new foundation as mine ran out. I wanted something that was long lasting, and gave a really even finish. L'Oreal currently has a three for two offer on their Studio Secrets range, and as I have bought their products before I decided to buy from here. I got:
L'Oreal Studio Secrets High Definition Smoothing Foundation : Although this product was expensive, from the professional collection, and comes with an attached brush, it is sadly disappointing. I thought by having a brush it would provide, as claimed, a smooth and even finish- but this isn't true. I found that it was really uneven, left brush marks on my face and just doesn't work for me. I used it correctly using primer and finishing powder, and yet the foundation just wasn't very good. I am considering taking the product back to the store, but I am going to give it a second try using a cosmetic sponge to spread the foundation. Moving on from that, I also got the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing primer, which I am really happy with. This product is really honest and works perfectly on my skin. The primer is really creamy, almost mouse like, but spreads well and you don't need alot of product for it to work. This range of face products are supposed to work in a combination, and as I already own the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Primer, I now own the whole face collection. I just hope it will work together when I re-try the foundation. I also got the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Blue Eyes Intensifier in shade 220, which is a pinky, peachy cream colour. This works brilliantly as a base eyeshadow and does intensify blue eyes. So I am very happy with that product. Boots are also giving away the Derma Genesis Kit, when you spend £20 on L'Oreal products, so I also got that which comes with a head towel, Nurturing Day Cream with SPF 15, Nurturing Night Cream, and a Milk-to-Toner Make Up Remover. Although I am only 18, I will still use these products as normal creams, depending on how they effect my skin. 

So that's all the stuff I bought from Oxford, and came to a total cost of around £50. I will be writing again tomorrow with my Truck post as I am home. Sadly the weekend wasn't all I was hoping for but I will give a honest review, with some photos. Talk soon!
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