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As you know, I attended a festival last weekend, and one of the key products you need (as a girl) at a festival is dry shampoo. If your at a festival for more than 2 days, you will want to keep your hair in an at least acceptable condition. For Truck 13 this year, I took two different dry shampoos, one high end and the other drug store. Although I originally planned the high end one to be for me, and the cheaper to be for Alex, but in the end I tried both and decided to write a review and comparison of both. Here they both are, apologies for the bad quality, these were taken on my Blackberry:

Umberto Giannini Dry Shampoo £5.99
Tresemme Dry Shampoo £2.19
Okay, so the Umberto Giannini isn't the most high end product I could have bought, but I am quite stringent on what I spend on hair products. Especially now I have coloured my hair, I am spending more money on my hair products, and being more considerate about what I buy. The Tresemme dry shampoo was bought from Tesco, and the Umberto Giannini  was bought from Boots (as it was on offer).
First of all the spray heads greatly effect the quality of the product. The Tresemme Dry Shampoo has a small direct spraying head, which means you get direct spray, but alot of spray, meaning it can take a longer time to cover the entire hair. On the other hand, the Umberto Giannini head provides a wide coverage, but of a thin layer of spray. This was your hair isn't bunged up with too much product, and your whole hair is done alot quicker than the Tresemme. 
The spray from the Tresemme is alot heavier than the Giannini. However, I have thin hair, but other girls have alot thicker hair than me, meaning a heavy spray works better for you. The Giannini spray is lighter, which is better for my thinner hair and for me has a better cleaning quality. Also, I found with the Tresemme spray that it didn't rub in very well, and left huge white patches in my hair- which is not OK! The Giannini spray covered my hair perfectly, rubbed in brilliantly and kept my hair in a tip top condition!

That's it for today my lovely readers! Tomorrow will be a post on two products I have regretted purchasing. I have got a new obsession with fashion Vloggers (like The Style Diet, and DulceCandy87) and seeing which products they not only loved, but also the ones the regretted buying can provide really good advice on what to purchase. So tomorrow will be on a few products I have regretted buying. In the next few days there will be posts on moving to Shoreditch and top hair care buys! Talk soon!
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