Anna Dello Russo: Eclectic Style Icon

Anna Dello Russo, of Japanese Vogue, has recently become a real stand out icon for eclectic fashion. She takes looks from the runway, and adapts them to her own personality, Originally born in Italy, she was once described as a "fashion lunatic" by none other than Helmut Newton. She spent 18 years at Conde Naste, starting as a fashion editor at Vogue Italia, and is now the Editor at large, and creative consultant at Vogue Japan. Here are some amazing shots of her incredible style, taken from her blog http://www.annadellorusso.com/

Wearing Celine whilst walking the dog; fashion has no job description. I love this outfit because the Celine suit  works her figure perfectly, but she contrasts the nude palette with a POP yellow bag. Oh, and an attacking her heels dog!
Wearing Dolce an Gabbana. On the catwalk the lace dress was teamed with a black leotard, by Anna adds a pop of colour with a flaming red bra and big knickers. The beautiful lace print, and saucy underwear it completely contrasted with matching leopard print clutch and heels- yet it totally works. Must be an Anna thing!
Wearing Alexander McQueen. Naturally, McQueen collections are more dressing up box than day wear, but Anna turns this stunningly elegant statement dress, into a fairy outfit. Teamed with leather leggings, white over-the-elbow gloves and a HUGE feather in her hair. Just too cool for words.
Wearing Roberto Cavalli. This is just such a cool outfit, as Anna again rocks the dressing up box look- but with much for chicness. She wears the white OTE gloves, gold aviators and waist belt as minimal accessories, allowing the fur coat to stand out on its own. 
Wearing Rodarte dress. This dress reminds me of a recycled patchwork quilt, where the materials are sourced from millions of different places, and miss matched together into a dress that works Anna's figure beautifully. The pops of yellow and green remind of a stand of jewel colours, which of course channel the glamourous look educed by her Prada chandelier heels. 
Don't forget to check out Anna's blog, it is really worth a read. She updates LOTD posts, inspiration, press releases and all other bits! Comment with your opinions, questions and anything you fancy mentioning!
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