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So recently I have changed alot about my hair routine. When I was growing my colour out I would mainly using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and not really using any products in it. Something in my brain told me that doing this would make my colour grow out quicker- WRONG! If you want a shampoo or conditioner recommendation to strip hair colour quickly, use Head and Shoulders basic range. These do nothing except clean your hair- which they do really well- but they do not protect your colour, or moisturize, or repair, they just clean, and hence they are actually good a stripping hair colour. Anyway, so I have changed my routine now I have dyed my hair blonde. I have moved into using more expensive products, as I feel these naturally have a better effect on your hair. For example, I used to used the HBM Moisture Rich shampoo and conditioner, at £1.99 a bottle. These are like 1 liter size bottles, and so aren't really focused on quality. I have now branched into more high end brands such as Trevor Sorbie, John Frieda, Umberto Giannini and Aveda (yet to try). I have automatically seen a huge difference in the quality of my hair, both to touch and to look at. So here are my top purchases for blonde, mid length hair. 

Shampoo and Conditioner
Since dying my hair I have changed my brand of shampoo and conditioner twice. I am a strong believer in changing your brand of shampoo and conditioner every time you by it. This way the purpose of the product works better, and you can see better effects. The first brand I used after dying my hair was Trevor Sorbie's Professional range, from the "Beautiful Blondes" collection. I love these products! They are a muted violet colour, and smell really fruity. They are infused with semi-permanent highlighting dyes, which gives your hair an extra boost in colour vibrancy every time you use it. These cost £6.99 a bottle, which is quite expensive, but I really think it is worth it. The second brand I have used is Pantenne. This is a less luxurious brand, but is still quite expensive. Sadly I am not as impressed with this range as I was by the Trevor Sorbie, but I was expecting this as it was like half the price. The Pantenne is supposed to "protect against damage" and use "light reflecting moisturizers", to improve the quality of your hair. I have seen this working on my hair, but it's not as good as the Trevor Sorbie. Next time I run out of Pantenne, I will be using the John Frieda sheer blonde collection- so I will write  a review when I get that.
Extra Products
I don't use a huge amount of protective, straightening or curling products, but I really should. I am addicted to Elnett Satin hair spray, as it really is the best hairspray in the world. It claims that it disappears at the stroke of a brush, and providing you don't drown your hair in it this is true. Even if you do drown it, it only takes a couple of strokes for it to all go away. The one I have is 'by' Cheryl Cole, only because it provides extra shine, and I have found that most hairsprays leave my hair looking dull and not very vibrant. I use the GUM Hot Stuff Thermal Protector every time I know I am going to straighten my hair. Generally I tried to avoid drying my hair with the blow dryer, as this damages your hair so much, but if I need to then I will always use this product. If I know I need to straighten or curl my hair after washing it, even if I let it naturally dry, I will always use the Thermal spray just because I know it works really well.  Lastly, one of my new favourite products is the Umberto Giannini Dry Shampoo. I adore this product more than anything I have ever bought hair wise. The packaging is really edgy and cool, and the product works brilliantly. I reviewed it a couple of blog posts before so check it out if you want a full review. 

So that is my updated hair routine now that I have coloured hair. I am aware that I have done alot of beauty posts recently, and not so many fashion ones, but Elle came in the post yesterday, and I bought Harpers today so I am sure I will get lots of inspiration for posts from there. I also keep promising the Shoreditch post. I will do it at some point, it's just a case of getting myself together and sitting down to write it. By all accounts, it would probably make more sense to do it when I am there... but hey ho! Also, I just want to say thank you to everyone who is following the blog. I was devastated to lose all my followers from the old one, but I am really trying to build the numbers up again! Talk again soon!
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Thanks for your comment! I checked out your blog and we have such similar views. So many blogs are filled with too expensive items for those of us with NO MONEY!
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I love my hair care routine. ^_^ It involves..... water! Nothing else! After years of using tons of conditioner on my curly/frizzy hair, I decided to give the simplest "pooless" method a shot.

It took some getting used to, and transition wasn't fun. (Shampoo strips the natural oils out of your hair, so your scalp is used to producing TONS of sebum to replace what the shampoo removes. During transition you scalp learns to readjust. It lasts 2-8 weeks. Mine lasted a month. Not fun, but worth it!) Now I totally love it. ^_^ My hair is soft, shiny, and bouncy!

Wow! I have found that only using water on my hair really makes it horrible and unmanageable. I think it's really dependent on what your hair is used to/ your hair type.. blah blah blah.
However your method is alot cheaper :D

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