A Summer's Day in Stratford

Yesterday Alex and I took a road trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon. This is a historically famous town as it was the home of William Shakespeare. Everything in the town appears to surround this huge accolade, from the multiple theaters, to the High-Street being built around Shakespeare's birth place. It is such a pretty place, and with the Avon river running through it, we couldn't resist the chance to do a spot of boating- or should I say crashing the boat. I was only allowed one go at the rowing, and got us hit by another boat, then stuck under a bridge! Here's a video if you wish to chuckle at me, apologies for the small swear word:
Unfortunately I can't find the embed code to put the video on my blog, but I will work on this!
Anyways, so fashion wise I went for a really casual look, that looked a bit more expensive and luxurious with some key details. For example; my tee shirt is a really beautiful soft organic cotton, and matches the white in my shoes. Also, there a hints of gold and silver running through all my accessories.

Tee-Shirt from Banana Republic
Jeans from Primark
Sunglasses from Primark
Shoes from Dorothy Perkins
Bracelets from New Look and Topshop
Cuff from Banana Republic
Bag from Primark (the buckle broke)
For me this is a really casual look, but it was really hot and we were in the car for a long time, then we had to walk around all day, so I need an outfit that was going to keep me cool and comfortable. It reminds me slightly of a look that naomi from 90210 regularly sports, however she would probably wear some heels! Whatever, I think the look is casual yet luxurious, making it understatedly fashionable.
The New Globe Theatre, due to be completed in 2011.
Quick Update: I am getting my anchor tattoo done this afternoon, so I should have some photos of that up very soon! Posts wise I will be writing about two of my favourite trends for next season- messy/grungy/mix matched vs classy, glamorous and expensive. I realised I have done alot of beauty posts recently, so I am trying to mix them in with regular fashion posts. I will also try to do some more Style Icon posts, focussing on women like Emma Watson, Carine Roitfeild and Freja Beha Erichsen. So talk again soon!
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