Boot It This Autumn

So what with the English weather being at it's height of unreliability, the autumn season has starting a wee bit earlier than I was expecting! Let's put it this way, it has rained heavily for the past four days, and I don't have any new season boots!! I have been searching on New Look's website, as I have £60 worth of vouchers for there and I think I will use them to pick up a few pairs of boots. When I go to London I'm hoping to hit Russell and Bromley with Emma, to get some good leather riding boots. So here are some top picks for boots for the next season-
Buckle Boots £34.99

Candy Girl Wedge Welly £37.00

Thick Heel Brogue £70

Suedette Peep Toe Wedge £24.99
It's a mix of modern minimalist, and vintage extravagance. The detail on the brogues is key to adding tones of style to your look. The candy POP colour of the wellington boots gives your look a punky/barbie edge...depending on what you style it with! Oh and the fur on the boots adds winter warmth to a military look- very Burberry! 
What boots are you wearing this season? Whose excited about my upcoming giveaway!?
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@Oh wow, you had to do a lot of work for it then. Well I'm still up for going to LCF...and i'd love it if you kept updating me with how your getting on :)

And as for the MAC prep and prime, I really do recommend it, it mattes out my shine, however I read that it keeps skin matte for the whole day. It doesn't for me, it lasts about 5 hours, so that's enough for a work day! I'm going to try out different ways to apply it though, not too sure what brush to use etc :P


i'm sooo pumped for the military style boots i just ordered. i'll probably be rocking them with shorts until it's colder!

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