Berries and Light Reading

Hello again! This is my second post about my Yorkshire holiday! Today's is a bit geeky, as it about the books and magazines I read on holiday- HOWEVER at the bottom there is a big surprise on my favourite purchase from the whole holiday!
Okay, so first of all I took about some weeklies: Grazia and Look, mainly for the fashiony bits inside them. Although modern culture is obsessed with celebrity, I tend to avoid reading these bits as they are usually full of rubbish anyway!

Next, I took my September issue of Elle because I still hadn't read the interview with Emily Blunt, who is on the cover this month. When I did get round to it, I found her even more loveable than when she is on screen. It's well worth a read, so try get a copy if you can. I also purchased September Vogue, simply because it has 'Mossy' (I'm such a loser) on the cover. I love any shoot she is in, because she holds the pose so well, and entraps your imagination.
And while I was oop norf I was lucky enough to get my mits on Dazed&Confused (Vol 22/89), which had Dakota Fanning on the cover. I love her as an actress, and I think for her age (16) she in just incredibly talented. She is starring in the new movie "The Runaways" as Cherie Currie, which has completely changed her public persona from "golden to to glam rock rebel". I think this is the perfect transition for her to become more experimental and edgy with her fashion.
 Lastly, I took three books on holiday. I have only photographed two because my aunt is now reading "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner", which is an offset from the Twilight saga. It is a really good book, and allows you to look at the Twilight series from another angle. I wont give anything away, but Stephanie has a real way with teenage romance. Speaking of just that, Fallen (Lauren Kate) and Marked (P.C and Kristen Cast) both explore teenage romance in very different ways. Fallen is about reform school kids, some of whom turn out to be angels, and discusses romance and attraction in a loving and caring way. Marked however, is about vampyres (yes, spelt that way), and is a completely different take on vampiric ways compared to Twilight. It is very upfront and crude when discussing romance (openly discusses oral sex), and does not shy away from swearing. 
Okay, so here's the bit you've been waiting for!
Tada! My mummy bought me a Mulberry card wallet (as I said my Longchamp should only be used for cash), from the Mulberry store in York. I simply adore it, and chose this classic brown leather wallet, over a purple patent envelope style purse. I really adore this little item, and as you know Mulberry is my favourite label for handbags and the like! It cost £42, as we got it from the Factory Store (retails at £110), so I think it was a good choice to buy from the factory store, than the main shop!
Thanks for reading and I look forward to posting this week. A-Level results are on Thursday, so wish me luck!
Fashion Foreword
P.s. Look what Alex left me on my bed!


Oh my lord! A MULBERRY PURSE. You know what? Mulberry is my absolute favourite label for bags too. Ahh so jealous right now :)
Good Luck for A-Level results, I have my GCSE results coming out soon too, ahh!



Mulberry is beautiful:)
I absolutely love love reading magazines. I bought tones of them and reading them one by one.:) Vogue UK is perfect and nobody's like Kate Moss:)

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