Sick Obsession

Hello my lovely readers! That's a nice opening if ever there was one- I like to let you guys know your really appreciated and loved. :) Right! Another video upload- please let me know if you really hate these or love them, because they are fun to do and are another media source for me to experiment with! Everyone in fashion has their little oddities. Look at Carmen Kass, she's a politician and a chess major! And Vivienne Westwood is an oddity in her own, but we wouldn't love her as much if she was any different. I feel the time has come to share my strange fashion obsession with you! Don't worry, it's not illegal it's just very odd!
What are your fashion obsessions?
Fashion Foreword


ok i was shocked when i started watching your video because I collect shopping bags too! :O cute ones as well.. well even ones that are pretty plain but i keep anyway because its Selfridges..

another weird thing of mine is that i keep clothing tags.. i think there called tags.. you know where they show the price of the item. i just keep them.. well the really cute ones anyway.

Monica :)

aw its ok! you look so sweet in your video :)

yeah its definitely worth the work i think. and keep blogging! would be great for your career :)

Monica xx

Really love this post xox

i've been following ur blog too! :D
the video was great and i LOVE your make up too! :D but it will be much better if u brighten it up a bit right? :)

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