Oh my GOSH, its MAC!

Hello my lovelies! I have some amazing news to share with you at the end of this post, but first of all I have a beauty product review. Combining lipsticks and lip glosses from different brands can often be a struggle. Sometimes even within the same brand it can be a nightmare! However, I believe I have found the perfect combination!! 
I bought my first MAC product a few days ago, and I have well and truely fallen in love with it. I bought the Glaze Finish Lipstick in Hue. This is a nude colour, with a hint of peach. I don't really like bright, striking lipsticks for day wear, so looking for a nude is my only option. (Pinks make me look W-A-Y to Barbie stylee). So I am really happy with this colour. The formula is really creamy and has impressed me so far!

(Apologies for the bad quality)
And if you watch my youtube videos (again please do!), you will know that one of my favourites for this month is the GOSH Lip Gloss in 004. This is also a nude colour, and is almost a clear gloss. It provides a peachy, nude coverage however I am unsure about its formula. It is really smooth on application, however after about an hour it becomes slimey and after that it becomes grainy-which is disgusting. 
Despite the GOSH Lip Gloss not being 100% amazing, the combination of the two products is incredible. The colours compliment each other perfectly, and create a really pretty, girl nude lip colour. This photo is just the MAC Lip Stick..
(The MAC Lip Stick is in a Glaze finish)
...and this is with the GOSH Lip Gloss added on top...
It has a really pretty finish. Again, apologies for the bad quality. I should have a new camera next week for Uni, so I can start using that!
So this is the big news! As each week goes by, the blog is gaining more and more followers, which I massively appreciate and love having. I write for my readers, so the more I have the better the blog can become. At the moment, I have 33 followers, when I reach the big 50 I will be running a GIVEAWAY! That's right folks, Fashion Foreword is running a give away when I reach 50 followers. Details will come closer to the time, so promote the blog as much as you can! Email to friends, share on your website/facebook/twitter...whatever you want! Good luck!!
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Woo, go you! Well done on the followers :D



I recently brought Hue myself and I will now have to go and get this gloss just to do the combo because it does look amazing! Thanks for the tip lovey xx

awesome! i love nude colors, i might have to try that one!


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